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Its been a few months since my last one of these posts, and I have another list of articles and other things I’ve been reading to share. Almost everything on this list was published this year, it seems that I’ve been paying more attention to current conversations in the library/archive/museum/history world than I have in previous posts where articles from many years ago show up. There’s a LOT of great scholarship and thinking on a variety of topics and this list is what I thought were some of the highlights.

1972 Smirnoff Advertisement. One in a series of similar suggesting women left behind their ‘boring’ lives after discovering vodka, this particular ad allegedly did very poorly because readers loved the library and would never abandon them!

I do have a couple of new blog posts in the pipeline, but I’m still enjoying working less on blog posts than I have in previous years. Last year I posted a record 41 posts on the blog…and right now I am on track for 12 or 13 in 2021.

Read up:

Why Do We Keep Working in Museums?” by Jeremy Munro (2021)

Bullcrap People Believe About Digitization and Digital Preservation” by Dorthea Salo (2019)

On Sourcery, or the Enclosure(?) of Remote Access” by Mark Matienzo (2021)

Putting Black History Back in the Record” by William Sturkey (2021)

Reimagining What Monuments Can Be” by Cornelia Channing (2021)

The Next Battle of the Alamo!” by Chris Tomlinson, Jason Stanford, and Bryan Burrough (2021)

A Collaborative, Active Approach for the Electronic Records Lifecycle” by Jamie Kicklighter and Katie Ray (2021)

Information Efficiency Has Its Roots in the Humble Filing Cabinet” by An Xiao Mina (2021)

How Migrant Filmmakers Practice Archival Activism” by Megan Carney (2021)

The Precious, Precarious Work of Queer Archiving in the Pacific Northwest” by Emma Banks (2021)

The House Archives Built” by Dorothy Berry (2021)

Betty Reid Soskin, 99, Shares Forgotten Histories as a National Park Ranger” by Brittany Bracy (2021)

With Digital Archive, a Time and a New Way to Understand Colonial History” by Anna Burgess (2021)

The Arc of the Opinion Pages” by Seph Rodney (2021)

Archiving the African Diaspora” by Ivy Scott (2021)

Texas Lt. Governor Says State History Museum No Place for History” by Tim Murphy (2021)

Decolonizing Starts with Education. X̱wi7x̱wa Librarians are here to help.” by Tova Gaster (2021)

Reckoning With the Artifacts of Attica” by Heather Ann Thompson (2021)

The Delicate Work of Protecting Priceless Archives” by Olivia Campbell (2021)

The Brink of Erasure” by Narayani Basu (2021)

Disability Archives Lab” by Gracen Brilmyer (2021)

Subjective Objects” by Madeline Mant (2021)

Virtual Docents Are the Best Thing to Happen to Museums in the Pandemic” by Riley Davis (2021)


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