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The past few months I’ve been hard at work on a new journal publication, and haven’t found much time to write here on Another Century. This article is based off of my scholarship on Farview State Hospital and has been a few years in the making! Very excited this one will be in print soon. And at the same time, I’ve been taking lots of time to myself, not doing anything history-related at all which has been, well, great! I enjoy researching and writing about history, but with the blurring of work and life in the pandemic I felt like I needed some time away from here and its been doing me a lot of good. History will always be there, we can step back for a while any time we want.

Pennsylvania Historical Commission head S.K. Stevens holding the 1681 Pennsylvania Charter, c. 1948. Pennsylvania State Archives

But I certainly have been keeping an eye out for good articles, blogs, and other writings on archives and history and have yet another list to share. This is what has caught my eye in the last few months.

Read up:

Ancestor and Descendant: A Conversation with Steven G. Fullwood” by Steven Booth (2020)

“Librarian, Read Thyself” by Lynne Stahl (October 2020)

“I’m the archivist of the Tree of Life shooting. This is how I ‘process’ it.” by Eric Lidji (October, 2020)

“MapTok: Watching the Election on TikTok” by Trevor Owens (November, 2020)

“Rising Above a Flood-Tide of Writers” by L.D. Burnett (November, 2020)

“The Paper Chase: How W.E.B. DuBois’ Archive Came to UMass” by Phillip Luke Sinitiere (July, 2020)

“A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin (October, 1963)

“Mukurtu: A Digital Platform That Does More Than Manage Content” by Erica Machulak (Fall, 2020)

“How Will We Tell the Story of the Coronavirus?” by Andrew Dickson (December, 2020)

“What are COVID archivists keeping for tomorrow’s historians?” by Laura Spinney (December, 2020)

“News That Can Last a Million Years” by Lauren Jackson (December, 2020)

“The Library of Congress Web Archiving Team Goes Agile” by Carlyn Osborn (January, 2021)

“Holding Living Bodies in Graveyards” by Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes (January, 2021)

“A first look at my SAA candidate statement” by Erin Lawrimore (January, 2021)

“Reconciling Professional Rifts: Can Historians and Archivists Understand One Another Better?” by Beth DeBold (January, 2021)

“Please Stop Calling Things Archives: An Archivist’s Plea” by B.M. Watson (January, 2021)

“Archives in Context and as Context” by Kate Theimer (Spring, 2012)

“Fever Dreams: Kate Orazem on the Spectre Haunting Archival Syllabi” by Kate Orazem (December, 2020)

“Stories of Slavery, From Those Who Survived It :The Federal Writers’ Project narratives provide an all-too-rare link to our past” by Clint Smith (February, 2020)

“Laughter Filled the Space: Challenging Euro-Centric Archival Spaces” by Krista McCracken and Skylee-Storm Hogan (February, 2020)

“Ghosts of Segregation” by Rich Frishman (August, 2019)

“For the record: Digitizing archives can increase access to information but compromise privacy” by Greg Bak (February, 2021)

“The Ever-Growing Challenges of Getting Books into Prisons” by Leah Rachel von Essen (March, 2021)

“Where Are the Iconic COVID-19 Images?: The scarcity of memorable pandemic photographs reveals something about this crisis” by Helen Lewis (February, 2021)


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