Archives Readings IV

Looking back at the output in Another Century these past few months, it looks like I’ve been reading a lot more than I’ve been writing. Not many new articles coming out from me, but I already have another reading list with two dozen titles.

“There are no duplicates of many of these papers. While this picture was being taken a lighted cigar stub fell through the grating from the sidewalk above.” Important City Records In Perpetual Danger of Fire, New York Daily Tribune April 28, 1907.

I’m still feeling a little drained after finally finishing my Frank Felter Alaska article, so maybe its good to take a break and just enjoy someone else’s work for fun for a while. I’m sure I’ll be back at it soon.

What have you been reading during the pandemic? Share your favorites in the comments so we can all check it out too!

Read up:

“Learn to Read Secretary Hand” by Kathryn James (August, 2020)

“Collecting the Crisis or Collecting Crisis? A Survey of Covid-19 Archives” by Peter Hobbins (August, 2020)

“History is a High Stakes Profession” by The Kentucky Historical Society

“Mentoring” by Courtney Bailey (July, 2020)

“Trail of Tears” by Sarah Vowell (September, 2020)

“The Great Historic House Museum Debate” by Ruth Graham (August, 2014)

“Taylor Swift, Public Historian” by Holly Genovese (August, 2020)

“Repatriating the Voices of Indian Country” by Phillip Round (August, 2017)

“The Anxious ‘China Hunters’ of the Nineteenth Century” by Erin Blakemore (September, 2020)

“What Trump is Missing About American History” by Leslie Harris and Karin Wolf (September, 2020)

“Final Report on the Penn Central Railroad Appraisal Project” by Michael Nash and Christopher Baer (January, 1987)

“The Archivist’s First Responsibility: A Research Agenda to Improve the Identification and Retention of Records of Enduring Value” by Richard Cox and Helen Samuels (Winter 1988)

“OAH Statement on White House Conference on American History” by George Sanchez and Beth English (September, 2020)

“Digitizing and Enhancing Description Across Collections to Make African American Materials More Discoverable on Umbra Search African American History” by Dorothy Berry (August, 2018)

“Scanning Around with Gene: The Miracle of Photochrom” by Gene Gable (November, 2009)

“Data Visualization and the Modern Imagination” by RJ Andrews (September, 2020)

“A Mistaken Form of Trust: Ken Burns’ The Civil War at Thirty”
by Ella Starkman-Hynes (October, 2020)

“Baltimore Museum of Art to Sell 3 Paintings, Including Warhol’s ‘The Last Supper,’ to Fund Diversity Initiatives” by Mary Carole McCauley (October, 2020); “Donors Rescind $50 Million in Gifts Over Baltimore Museum’s Planned Sale of Warhol Painting,” by the Washington Post (October, 2020); and “The BMA Deaccessioning Scandal, Explained,” by Christine Jackson (October, 2020)

“Collective Forgetting: Inside the Smithsonian’s Curatorial Crisis,” by Allison Marsh and Lizzie Wade (Summer, 2014)

“Twitter Response to ‘Let History, Not Partisans, Prosecute Trump’ Op-Ed,” by Andrew Seal (October, 2020)

“Archiving as Politics in the National Security State,” by Kristen Weld (September, 2018)

“Queering the Archive,” by Franklin Robinson (Summer, 2014)

“I am Disabled: On Identity-First Versus People-First Language,” by Cara Liebowitz (March, 2015)


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