Another Century 4k

Two years ago I published a celebratory post after Another Century hit two thousand views for the year. For my little blog it was a very exciting moment! And now, we’ve hit another milestone- four thousand views so far in 2020. So twice as many people are visiting as two years ago, and that’s in 8 months compared to 11 in 2018. That’s pretty cool! I still think this is a little blog so this is another gratifying accomplishment.

It’s good to know there are people out there who are actually interested in what I’ve written. I started this blog when I was just out of school, where the only people who read what you’ve written are your teachers, and they’re paid for that so it doesn’t really count does it?

Just like two years ago, my brief history of Farview State Hospital has the most views on the year again. But this time, my second (more well-researched and academic) Farview article is in second place. Do we want more information on Pennsylvania’s mental institutions? I can definitely do more of those. Third place this year goes to my “Ask What You Can Do For Your Country” JFK post from early 2017. Not sure why this old post is suddenly so popular, I wonder why. And in fourth comes the post on Disney’s 1943 Chicken Little cartoon, one of my earliest posts and still one of the favorites.

If you’re just discovering Another Century, check out my back catalog of articles. I think you’ll like what you find.

And now to the good part. To commemorate 4000 views, here are my favorite historic photos I found searching online digital archives’ collections that have “4000” or “four thousand” in the title.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read anything on this blog, I appreciate each and every one of you.

Mail Pouch Tobacco, Tangos Candy, 4000 Artisans Advertisements, Philadelphia PA, 1923. Duke University Libraries.
The shoemakers’ strike in Lynn, Massachusetts. Procession, in the midst of a snow storm, of eight hundred women operatives joining the strike, preceded by the Lynn City Guards with music, and followed by four thousand workmen. 1860. Library of Congress.
Four Thousand Chances for 4000 All-Around Men, c. 1914-1918. Smithsonian Archives Center.
803rd Pioneer Infantry Battalion on the U.S.S. Philippine (troop ship), from Brest harbor, France, July 18, 1919. No. 15, Part of 4000 troops on U.S.S. Philippine. Library of Congress.
The Three Brothers, 4000 feet high. Yosemite Valley. c. 1870. Library of Congress.
The William Armour place, three or four thousand acres, Negro family now living in it. “It goes over, slap over to the crick.” They pay one bale of cotton for rent. Greene County, Georgia. 1939. Library of Congress.
James Hammill, and Walter Brown, in their great five mile rowing match for $4000 & the championship of America: at Newburg Bay, Hudson River, N.Y. Sept. 9th 1867. Library of Congress.
Type of locality of Nakaibito formation. Figuerdo Wash, 4000 feet above Highway 666. San Juan County, New Mexico. 1949. U.S. Geological Survey.
Christian Endeavorers Convention, Chorus of Four Thousand Voices, East front of Capitol, Washington, D.C. 1896. New York Public Library.

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