Two Thousand Views!

Posts on this blog have been viewed 2,000 times since the beginning of the year. Wow! That’s a lot more than I ever expected. Thanks to everyone who has visited, I hope you learned something. I know that reader stats can be pretty arbitrary, but I will admit that it makes me feel good to see my writing has attracted this much interest. It seems that most of you are coming here for my articles on Farview State Hospital, Disney’s 1943 Chicken Little Cartoon, Al Capone’s incarceration and release in Pennsylvania, and the Industrial Home for Women at Muncy. If anyone would like to see more articles like these let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

To celebrate, here’s a few historic images from online archival collections that came up when I searched “two thousand.” It’s always fun to see what you can find when you use new searching strategies in the archives! Enjoy.

Red Cross Dogs
Red Cross Round the World Mascots. Two Red Cross dogs who have circumnavigated the globe as mascots of the Commission to the Balkans. They crossed the Pacific with the first Red Cross expedition to Roumania in 1917, later returning to America by way of North Russia. Now they are back in the Near East again, this time as mascots of the Red Cross Commission to South Russia. They travel back and forth between the various Black Sea ports and the Red Cross base at Constantinople. Their milage averages two thousand miles a month the year ’round. “Brace” and “Bit” are the property of Capt. G.P. Floyd of Boston. Library of Congress.


Walking Canes.jpg
A. Buck of the Soldiers’ Home carving the Lord’s Prayer on walking canes. He has sold $2000 worth of these canes. Sept. 21, 1922. Library of Congress.
2000 pound bomb
Greenville, South Carolina. Air Service Command. Men of the ordinance, supply and maintenance company of the 25th service group taking 2000 pound bombs out of the revetment area. 1943. Library of Congress.
A flock of nearly two thousand Angoras photographed at Ward’s Ranch Manor from American homes and gardens. 1905. Smithsonian Libraries.
Fort Union.jpg
Fort Union, Mouth of the Yellowstone River, 2000 Miles above St. Louis. George Catlin, 1832. Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Lunch at 2000 Feet on Cerro Campana, Panama. 1951. Smithsonian Institution Archives.

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